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Old hosting

Professorg a posted Mar 27, 12
Now, there has been a messages being spammed to me that I was a better host and that we should keep me as a host.

I'm going to leave it to you guys to tell me what to do, me being that kind of guy that needs others opinions before doing something.

Who is the better host:
Do you mind if it's slow:
Do you mind that I lost the old map:
Do you mind if I reset all OP's to members:
Do you mind if you might not get OP or Admin or Moderator again:
Do you mind if I keep reseting the server for tests:

I need 3+ people to respond with those questions answered or I'm just going to keep it with our new host.
Don't make duplicate accounts, I can see the IP it's being sent from -.-
casio1234 Guys if you what the old server back that up to you and toro and the reason why fly's not on much is because he is ...
Refuzer01 Who is the better host: You are but only because Fly isn't really on and Lunas is the only on really on Do you mind...
Bespeboy please ask for the old server back people!


Professorg a posted Mar 24, 12
The server is now up and 20% better.
It is now on a 24/7 server [not hosted by me] and we can all thank casio and theflydeluxe for that.
Connection Info:
Bespeboy lol okay
Bespeboy lol have fun in school. i would like you to rehost when you can. the map wasnt that important i just dont like the new...
Professorg a I can re-host however I lost the old map .-. BUT NOT NOW!!!! I'm in school -.-


Professorg a posted Mar 23, 12
Server is down for today and possibly tomorrow sorry for this problem

The facebook page is also out for deletion, I'm going to edit it.

TeamSpeak Server

Professorg a posted Mar 23, 12

Don't Swear
Don't Harass
Don't Mock?
Keep chat relative [unless I'm on >:D]
Have fun
kira29125 x i will be active and see you guys all there!


Professorg a posted Mar 22, 12
Due to Google Adsense Policy, HTML & Shoutbox modules are disabled on the Free Plan. Upgrade to enable.